• Immersive sound lounge

  • A session in our immersive sound lounge is a 1 hour break in an increasingly rushed world.

    It is a sensorial voyage, where one travels while sitting comfortably in a pleasant space.

    The traveler enjoys the three-dimensional impact of music (physical, intellectual, and emotional), while visual effects transform the studio into a flying capsule.

    Every 3 months, a new trip will be crafted, each trip having a different theme.

    The selection is very eclectic, gathering pieces that are unconventional and engage the soul; a subtle mix of timeless treasures, remarkable works and fresh new tracks to stay in tune with today’s sound.

    The audio system is state-of-the-art high-fidelity, capable of producing an exceptionally warm, authentic sound, pure and non-compressed.

    A session in our immersion sound lounge is more than a listening experience; it’s a trip into another world.

  • Sound Space Trip


    Our first music trip has Space as visual theme: the immersive sound lounge transforms into a spaceship exploring the universe

    The music selection is rather eclectic and mainly covers classical, jazz, rock, and electronic genres

    The lounge is designed to offer a first class listening environment to 2 guests

    Our studio is located at the heart of the former French Concession of Shanghai, China



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