• Open Reel Tape Records

    • Why tape?

      The magnetic tape is for us the ultimate support for recorded music: compared to digital, a 1/4inch 2 tracks tape has a better effective dynamic range, is has less harshness in the high frequencies, and has a fuller sound. Furthermore, magnetic tapes do not have the inherent limitations of a LP vinyl record (low frequency phase issue, and dynamic range).

      On a tape, the music sounds organic, more present than on any other support. It is truly the state-of-the-art analog sound.

      The only tape limitation was the famous “tape hiss” that may be heard on old recordings. Hence the use of technologies like dolby NR, especially on cassette tapes which are thinner and run much slower than an open reel tape. With the modern tape formulations elaborated in France by Mulann Industries and based on the original BASF formula, this issue is now fixed.

      During the mastering of our tapes, artistic choices are made. We try our utmost to bring you the best sound for each one of your tracks, and we hope you will also enjoy them!

    • How do I play an open reel tape?

      It is quite simple, you need a reel to reel tape machine, an amplifier and a pair of speakers. You may also just use a reel to reel tape machine and a pair of good headphones.

      Home reel to reel tape machines connect to your amplifier with 2 RCA pins, like a CD player. They are plug and play if you will, and are relatively easy to use.

      As explained in the Reel to reel machines section, today, it is quite difficult to find good reel to reel tape machines, and the choice of music available on open reel tapes is quite limited and expensive.

      We want people to experience analog sound at its fullest on open reel tape. If people have a reel to reel tape machine or buy one form us, we want them to be able to use it to listen to their favorite music.

      This is why we are offering to record custom open reel tapes.

      Send us your playlist or tell us which album you like, and we will send you an open reel tape with your music recorded in top quality!

    • How do we record your music on open reel tape?

      First we select the right open reel tape setup for your machine:

      • We mostly use the SM911 1/4 inch master tape manufactured in France by Mulann Industries, as it sounds fantastic and suits most home reel to reel machines.
      • We will then suggest a playback speed to you. Most home reel to reel tape machines have 2 possible equalization types: NAB and IEC. NAB is common on US and Japanese machines, and IEC is common for European machines. Per our experience, NAB sounds best at 7.5 inch per second speed, and IEC sounds best at 15 inch per second speed. 
      • Finally, we will understand how are set your machine's playback head(s): 2 or 4 tracks. The music quality is better on 2 tracks but 4 tracks is very convenient to manipulate and gives you double recording time.

      This first step done, we can focus on your music.

      For virtually all music recorded from the 50's to the 90's, the best music source is the studio master tape. All the other formats like vinyl records or CDs are derived from the original master tapes. The issue is, music labels will not give access to their most precious material, or they will do so at a stratospheric price. This is why the few companies who offer today pure analog master tape copies often have limited catalogs at high price.

      We want you to listen to your favorite music, without any limitation, and we can perform a search to find the best source (digital or analog) we can find for each one of your tracks. Using our tools, we will carefully manipulate the sound until we get the right balance.

    • Finally, the music is recorded on studio master tape with a top-flight reel to reel tape machine. A booklet is printed with information about your music, pictures and relevant comments.

      The result? You will be able to enjoy your favorite music tracks with an unmatched quality.

      If you are interested by a custom made reel to reel tape, please write us a note!