• This tube preamp is good sounding and beautiful, this is why I bought one for mastering purpose. Meeting Christophe Chavanon at his beautiful recording studio located in Brittany was a real pleasure.

      You will find below some information about the preamp, as well as the specs of the beast.


      Gregory de Richemont

    • This high-end tube line preamplifier has been designed at KERWAX Recording Studio, a residential facility located in Brittany, France.

      Its unique design features easy change and combination of tubes, to sculpt and color the sound artistically, with either vintage or modern tubes.

      The controls interact with each other to create a wide variety of tube harmonic distortion characteristics.

    • KERWAX Studio is a residential all-analog recording studio located in a former boarding school in Brittany, France, fully loaded with uncompromising vintage analog gear from the 40’s to the 70’s in a 1350 square-meters floor space.

      The KERWAX Replica is a 2-channel excerpt of the 24-channel custom tube mixer installed at KERWAX recording studio, a unique mixing desk conceived in the pure tradition of historical studios.

      Christophe Chavannon is the founder of KERWAX Studio.

    • Why using KERWAX Replica?

      Built with the best materials and audio components, the KERWAX Replica is a window to the golden age of recording studios.

      The great tube sound

      The KERWAX Replica uses two vacuum tubes per channel: one for pre-amplification and equalization, and one for the Volume/Gain stage.

      With the Replica, you can build your distinctive sound, and stand out in the digital crowd.

      The possibilities are endless: experiment and enjoy!

    • Features

      • 2 Audio Modes: Le/Right and Mid/Side
      • 2 Tubes per Channel (Preamp & Drive)
      • Tube Preamp BIAS Adjustment
      • Gain/Volume Adjustment for Harmonic Distortion
      • Trim Adjustment
      • Treble & Bass EQ Adjustment
      • Selectable High-Pass Filter
      • Individual Channel Phase Switch
      • Output Level Monitoring on VU-meters

      This unique device allows you to choose between two audio modes: Standard Left/Right for individual track processing or Mid/Side to control stereo image.

    • Specifications

      Analog I/O                           2 input + 2 output, balanced XLR

      Line level                             +4 dBu standard operating level

      Frequency response            30 Hz to 27 kHz

      Equalization                        treble and bass freq. EQ, ±10 dB

      High-pass filter                   80 Hz or 120 Hz, 6 dB per octave

      Vacuum tubes                     12AX7-type (ECC83, 7025)

      Rack height                         Standard 5U (5 units)

      AC power                            115V / 230V

      Dimensions (L x W x H)     483 x 342,5 x 222 mm

      Weight                                10.6 kg




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