• Statement

  • Music plays an important role in our life. For most of us, music is more than just a fleeting entertainment: it is a source of pleasure and emotions, it lifts our heart, elevates our soul and makes us feel alive.

    Sadly, the vast majority of people have a rather poor connection to music as an art: 

    • Today’s music choice is so vast and the techniques to play music are evolving so fast that listening to good music is like finding a needle in a haystack
    • Moreover, most of us live a fast paced life, hence we do not have time to search for new music by ourselves
    • As a result, most of us rely on mainstream medias to select music for us. Did you know that mainstream medias only broadcast 4% of the music available? When you know that, it is no wonder people often complain about hearing the same tunes over and over again
    • And finally, even if we find a great music track, most of us will listen to it in digitally compressed format with a mediocre sound system that only renders 20% of the track’s musical nuances

    For all these reasons, most people can hear music but they cannot really listen to it.

  • Our Vision:

    We want to improve the world by helping people experience recorded music as an art

  • Our Mission:

    We bring spiritual upliftment to people through sound technology and music curation