• Reel-to-Reel Tape

    Where to find Reel-to-Reel Recordings?

    Update: July 2020   You will find here the exhaustive list of labels offering reel-to-reel recordings for sale, worldwide. This list follows the one I made in October 2018 (here), and this time I was lucky to have the support of Daniel Fiser, a hardcore audiophile like me who decided to spend some time contacting many labels and buying their tapes online. Before starting with the list itself,...

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    Where to find reel to reel master tapes?

    -->   APRIL 2020 UPDATED LIST AVAILABLE HERE: LINK   <-- You will find here a non-exhaustive list of companies and artists releasing reel to reel master tapes as of October, 2018 Master tapes can be original ones, copies of original ones, or recordings from digital sources Long live analog sound! Cheers, Gregory    ABC Records – Jazz/Classical/Asian ...

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    Release of a refurbished Technics RS-1506 for sale!

    You are looking at a Technics RS-1506 tape deck from the Japanese domestic market. It is known that these machines have better components than the ones for export purpose, and the decks operates at 100VAC. A quality 100VAC step down transformer will be provided according to your location voltage, as well as a brand new Recording The Masters SM911 tape. Cosmetic condition: 9.5/10 The cosmetic ...

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    Technics RS-1520 Service Manual

    As I noticed the service manual for this magnificent machine cannot be found anywhere on internet, here it is. I hope you will make good use of it! Gregory

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    Custom made tape records

    The magnetic tape is for us the ultimate support for recorded music: compared to digital, a 1/4inch 2 tracks tape has a better effective dynamic range, is has less harshness in the high frequencies, and has a fuller sound. Furthermore, magnetic tapes do not have the inherent limitations of a LP vinyl record (low frequency phase issue, and dynamic range). On a tape, the music sounds organic, more ...

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    Reel to reel tape machines

    The immediate question is why reel to reel? At first view it is an old technology, reel to reel tape machines are large and heavy, tape is expensive, and most machines need work to retrieve their original performances…1920s: The reel to reel tape recorder was invented in Germany in the late 1920s. Tapes were made by binding ferrite oxide to a long paper strip that was then magnetized by a ...

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