• Technical Expertise

  • When Le Son develops a sound system, it is a fruitful team work between Greg (exterior design, technical specifications & features) and Ted (electronics design & manufacturing).

  • The only way to do great work is to love what you do

    Steve Jobs

  • Greg & Ted take an immense pleasure at designing, building, and testing the products before they are ready to share it with the world. But what is their technical expertise? What level of high fidelity can you expect from a Le Son system?

    Well, to answer this question let’s give you some information about Ted so you can forge your own opinion about our technical expertise:

  • Biography of Dr. Cai Hongren (Ted)

  • After graduating from Taiwan University in 1978, Dr. Cai Hongren (Ted) went to the United States to complete his PhD degree in Electromechanics, while minoring in music & acoustics. He studied violin physics theory during 5 years, therefore he has a deep understanding of the instrument structural acoustics and of the techniques to manufacture each part of the body. One could say this lays a solid foundation for the design of audio equipment!

  • Dr. Cai and Yang Siping (luthier) discussing about violin back and belly assembly

  • Dr. Cai started his career as an engineer for the military industry, working on tank technology in Taiwan and France for about 10 years. He did not find personal fulfillment in this environment, so he decided to change for the audio industry, where his passion for music could blossom.

    In 1990, the Taiwan government made the national loudspeaker industry a strategic one, and Dr. Cai entered the Taiwan Industrial Research Institute to study speakers and related test systems. He is one of the 7 co-founders of the Taiwan Speaker Industry.

    In 1995, at the request of a British friend and as the sales of 300B amplifiers were growing, Dr. Cai helped Changsha Shuguang to develop the "Golden Dragon 300B Tube". He spent a lot of time and energy studying the effects of tube structure and materials on sound before reaching the final design. Since then, major Chinese electronic tube factories have cooperated with Dr. Cai, including Beijing Electron Tube Factory and Liuzhou Electronic Tube Factory, especially to produce his 300B tube design. The purpose was to challenge European and American brands with a relatively cheaper price.

  • Dr. Cai holding his own design of Guiguang 300B

  • In 1997, Dr. Cai developed a modified Sanyo laser head for one hi-fi project. This new technology caught the attention of Sanyo Japan, and Dr. Cai worked with Sanyo Optoelectronics to develop a new read/write laser head, as well as a new servo technology for the CD and SACD transports.

    Dr. Cai returned to Taiwan in 2003 to establish his 38 °C studio, specializing in speakers. Later, he founded the brand ESTI and opened a lab in Dongguan, China, where he designed SACD players, DACs, and amplifiers. Dr. Cai also serves as a technical consultant for many domestic and foreign audio brands that we cannot mention here.