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Embark on a journey of sonic discovery with the LS10 series, where innovative engineering harmonizes with the audiophile’s quest for compelling sound quality.

Experience the power and precision that redefine what you know about analog sound.

The LS10 Series in the Press:

For demanding audiophiles like us, the Le Son LS10 cartridge strikes a remarkable balance, and elevates the vinyl listening experience to new heights.

Z. Guoliang – Stereo Sound Magazine

As a long time Dynavector and Sumiko user I’ve never had much of an affinity for wood-bodied cartridges but the Le Son has me reconsidering. It’s hard to convey what an impressive example of design, engineering and execution that Le Son has achieved in the LS10 MKII.

M.L. Gneier – TNT-Audio USA

Le Son Moving Coil Cartridges:

Le Son LS10 MKII Moving Coil Cartridge


Experience unparalleled audio fidelity with the LS10 MKII, the definitive Low Output Cartridge.

It features our innovative Eddy Current Cancellation System, a resilient Boron Nitride Cantilever, and a Shibata Stylus for exquisite sound detail and clarity.


Moving Coil Cartridges - Le Son LS10


The LS10 sets a new standard in cartridge design, being the first Low Output Cartridge encased in a full Ebony Body.

It boasts a Boron Nitride Cantilever and a precise Shibata Stylus, blending traditional aesthetics with modern acoustic excellence.



Optimized for MM phono preamps, the SL1 is a High Output Cartridge that blends exceptional sound with practicality.

It boasts a robust titanium cantilever and a precise line contact stylus for detailed and dynamic audio performance.


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In Shanghai’s bustling metropolis, Le Son was born from Gregory de Richemont’s vision, a fusion of his French heritage and a deep-rooted passion for high fidelity sound.


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