Le Son’s Story:
An Ode to High Fidelity Sound

In Shanghai’s bustling metropolis, Le Son was born from Gregory de Richemont’s vision, a fusion of his French heritage and a deep-rooted passion for high fidelity sound.

“Le Son” – translating to “The (absolute) Sound” in French – marks a quest to create a sound system that transcends music playback, offering an emotionally compelling sound experience.

The Vinyl Awakening

As a child of the ’70s, Gregory’s musical awakening came with a gift from his parents that would chart the course of his life—a Thorens TD150 MKII turntable and a trove of vinyl records.

It was Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon that first drew him into the music’s immersive embrace, igniting a lifelong passion for high fidelity sound.

The Pursuit of Pure Sound

Years of global corporate life and a relentless drive for sonic perfection led Gregory to shed the corporate cocoon.

His mission: to forge an emotionally compelling sound experience.

The result was a sanctuary of sound in Shanghai—a studio dedicated to the restoration of analog audio gear and the hosting of listening sessions to share the power of high fidelity sound.

The Harmony of Two Visions

Fate orchestrated a meeting between Gregory and Dr. Ted Tsai, a renowned expert in audio design, at an International Audio Show.

Their shared passion for music and commitment to high fidelity sound forged a bond and a unified vision to craft analog audio equipment that brings the soul of music to life.

Meet the Founders

High Fidelity Sound - Greg Founder of Le Son

Gregory de Richemont

Gregory, originally from France, spent a decade travelling the globe with multinational companies. His expertise lies in restoring vintage analog gear, specializing in R2R and turntable setups. He is the creative force behind Le Son studio in Shanghai, a project he both designed and built.

An INSEAD MBA graduate, Gregory’s passion is deeply rooted in music, especially 70s progressive rock, afrobeat, and high-quality electronic music.

Dr. Ted Tsai

Dr. Tsai hails from Taiwan and boasts over 35 years in the high-fidelity audio realm. His expertise in audio design and manufacturing is renowned, making him a sought-after consultant for prestigious brands.

Holding a PhD in Electromechanics and Violin Physics from the University of Texas, Dr. Tsai’s true passion lies in classical music, which he values above all else.

The Core of Le Son

At Le Son, customer delight is paramount, passion is the compass, excellence is the journey, and authenticity is the language spoken.

Each piece of equipment is an artifact of this philosophy, ensuring that every note played is a testament to Le Son’s dedication to high fidelity sound.

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