What sets Le Son apart from other hi-fi brands is its unique combination of passion, expertise, and a commitment to creating emotionally compelling listening experiences.
When you choose a Le Son product, we make you a promise: a profound and enchanting experience awaits, as you open the door to a world where the ethereal magic of analog sound unfolds, captivating your senses and leaving an indelible imprint on your soul.


Founded in 2015, Le Son International took off when Gregory de Richemont, a French audiophile living in Shanghai, decided to challenge the status quo and dedicate all his energy to his passion: Music.
“Le Son”, means “The (absolute) Sound” in French, and represents the initial quest to create a sound system able to provide a compelling emotional experience.


Dark Side Of The Moon Original Vinyl Record - First Press UK - A2/B2 Matrix

Born in the 1970’s, Gregory grew up immersed in the golden age of music.
The audiophile seed was planted when he received his parents’ turntable – a Thorens TD150 MKII – and a crate full of records as a present for his 14th birthday.
“The Pink Floyd albums were there, and The Dark Side of The Moon cover was so intriguing that I chose to play it first.
As the stylus landed on the record and the first track’s heartbeat started pounding, I felt entering in another dimension, and when the album ended, I was blown away.”
With this experience, he understood the immense power of music as a source of meaning.


Warm Colors Audiophile Living Room

As any audiophile, he started a quest to improve his sound system.
“The main problems I faced to improve my system where my lack of knowledge to understand what makes a captivating audio equipment, and the lack of time to acquire this knowledge.“
After a decade travelling the world for multi-national companies, he decided to leave his comfortable corporate life and start from scratch a crazy project: dedicate all he had on building an emotionally compelling listening experience.
After several years of research and development, Gregory had built a studio where he restored analog audio gear and organized listening sessions to make people experience high-fidelity sound. However, he could not earn enough to live and had to find another way to share his passion with the world.


Le Son International

Later on, Gregory went to an International Audio Show with a fully restored reel-to-reel deck, and played tapes on several high-end systems.
This is where he met Dr. Tsai, a veteran of the audio industry with over 35 years of expertise. They connected immediately through their passion for music and their aspirations.
Since that day, these two built a solid friendship with a common vision and a clear flight plan:
“We design and handcraft analog audio equipment to connect people with music and its meaning. Embark with us on a music journey.”


Gregory de Richemont

Gregory de Richemont

Gregory is French, and travelled the world 10 years for multi-national companies. He restores vintage analog gear and is an expert in R2R and turntable setup. He designed and built Le Son studio in Shanghai.
He holds a MBA from INSEAD, and loves progressive rock from the 70’s, afrobeat and high quality electronic music.

Dr. Ted Tsai

Dr. Ted Tsai

Dr. Tsai is Taiwanese, and has 35+ years of experience in the high-fidelity world. His deep knowledge in audio design and manufacturing is sought after by numerous prestigious brands.
He holds a PhD in Electromechanics and Violin Physics from the University of Texas, and loves classical music above all.

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