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The LS10 cartridge strikes a remarkable balance, and elevates the vinyl listening experience to new heights “

Zhang Guoliang
Stereo Sound Magazine

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Le Son LS10 MKII MC Cartridge

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This article was published in AUDIO professional review in March 1979, and deals with all operational aspects of phono cartridges. A must-read to update or confirm your knowledge!

Learn how to adjust and measure Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) in 3 easy steps. Get the most out of your phono cartridge and improve the sound of your turntable!

Once you are clear about the pros and cons of each cartridge design, you can decide which one is best for your system


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Discover our Boosted Denon DL-103 Phono Cartridge, featuring a high quality boron cantilever and a line contact stylus!

We compared the Ortofon SPU Royal GM MKII and the Le Son LS10 on a TechDAS Airforce V turntable, what a beautiful afternoon!

Read the interview of G. de Richemont in Stereo Sound Magazine, following positive reviews of the LS10 MC Cartridge.


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