General Terms & Conditions of Business

of Le Son International Limited and Le Son International website (online shop),
subsequently referenced as Le Son and Le Son website (

Last update: March 1st, 2020

1. Area of Application

The following terms and conditions of business are applicable for all orders given in verbal or written form.

The customer is under obligation to accept these terms and conditions of business for all orders.

Corresponding to these terms and conditions of business, ultimate consumers as well as merchants are referenced as customers.

Ultimate consumers, Le Son stands in business relations with, are natural persons, who do not carry out a trade, work freelance or self-employed.

Merchants, Le Son stands in business relations with, are natural or legal persons, or legally responsible partnerships, who carry out a commercial, a self-employed or a freelance trade.

Any different, composed or supplemental terms of business will not become integral part of the contract, unless their scope is explicitly being agreed on by written contract.

The contract partner’s terms of business are not applicable and will not put Le Son, or Le Son website (, under obligation, if not explicitly having agreed to these terms of business in written form.

2. Completion of Contracts

Presentation of our products, and the given possibility to order, does not represent a binding offer by Le Son.

By sending in your order, you are requesting the completion of a contract of sale.

If you enter your order online, you will be prompted by our system to verify your data for correctness.

After completion of this procedure at the Le Son website (, we will send you a receipt message via e-Mail to acknowledge the details of your order including the charge, type of payment, and your address.

By receiving this e-Mail the legal contract of sale has been concluded.

3. Prices

The given prices at Le Son website ( are final prices, excluding the current value-added taxes. Decisive is the amount expelled at the order.

Costs of shipping may be added. These will vary depending on the type of shipping, the size and weight of the ordered products.

The usual costs in case of sending back some Le Son products, will be taken over by the Ultimate Consumer.

After inspection of returned products and in case of justified Warranty or 60 Days Trial return, Le Son will reimburse the shipping costs.

4. Terms of Payment

All delivered goods will remain our property until complete payment of the purchase price.

Several payment methods are available on Le Son website ( Credit Cards (powered by Stripe) and Direct Bank Transfer.

Payments can be made in USD, EUR, and GBP.

By giving your credit card’s number at your order, Le Son website ( will be authorized to debit the purchase price against the given account via Stripe secured platform.

5. Delivery and Shipping

Delivery will be shipped to the given delivery address.

The ordered products will be shipped after receipt of money to the given account within the scope of availability.

The shipping costs given for the product on the website at the time of your order are decisive and will be charged. If your order value exceeds €100, Le Son website ( will take over the shipping costs, worldwide.

Depending on your location and the worldwide shipping conditions at the date of your purchase, we may use different freight carriers within our freight partners list.

Depending on the situation and product(s) to be shipped, shipments may be covered by an insurance. After written agreement we will also apply for insurance up to your requested amount; the additional costs will be charged.

Any damages caused by shipping have to be announced immediately after receiving the package, at the latest 24 hours after receiving, at the responsible shipping company. Le Son is not liable for any damages caused by transportation or loss of shipment.

For your own benefit, any shipment will principally always be carried out in the original packaging.

Is shipment, or any other service, enduringly not possible due to act of God (natural disasters, war, civil war or terror attacks), Le Son is exempted from the duty to perform. In this case, any payments made in advance will be reimbursed.

Le Son website ( may refuse performance if this would mean effort which is inadequate to the Customer’s interest in fulfillment of the contract, with respect to the content of the sales contract and acting in good faith. In this case, any payments made in advance will be reimbursed.

6. Returning Products

6.1 Return Policy

You can return any product purchased at Le Son or Le Son website ( within 60 days without giving reasons.

The time limit begins when the shipping company in charge of delivering the product to you has declared the product as delivered on their online tracking system.

Please use the original box for returning the goods and accessories, even if it has been damaged by the opening or the functional test.

In any case, the return is at your cost and risk. The return or the return request must be sent to:

Le Son International

820, Julu Road
Building 60, Room 204
200040 Shanghai

Telephone: +86 159 0190 4457


6.2 Consequences of Return

In the case of an effective return, and in case of deterioration of the product(s), compensation can be claimed.

Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days.

The period begins at reception of the returned product(s) and examination.

7. Warranty & Liability

Claims of warranty by Customers will be satisfied by rework or replacement.

The choice of the Customer may be declined by Le Son website ( if this would be associated with disproportionately high costs.

The customer is entitled to demand a price deduction or to cancel a purchase, if supplementary performance has been failing, or has been refused by Le Son, or if Le Son has not been acting within a reasonable period.

If the complaint is not receivable, we will charge the full costs of examination, as these are not covered by warranty.

Please be informed that there is no case of warranty if the product fulfilled the defined quality at the time of transfer of risks.

Above all, no case of warranty is on hand in following situations:

  1. if any damage arises by incorrect usage by the Customer
  2. if damage occurred by harmful external influences at the Customer’s, for example extreme temperature, unusual physical or electrical strain, humidity, variation in voltage, lightning, static electricity, or fire
  3. if there is any damage or error caused by improper or careless repair done by a service which has not been authorized by Le Son.

Warranty periods are given depending on the particular product and may vary.

The minimum warranty period amounts 12 months.

Please address any service requests for products carrying an in-house warranty during warranty-period directly to Le Son.

Only Le Son is on duty to satisfy your claim on warranty. If need be, please ask for the corresponding warranty periods.

Our warranty includes all costs, that is material and working hours, necessary for maintenance of the product, except the shipping costs.

For the fulfilment of our warranty service, we will charge the shipping costs for sending back the product to our house, but we will take over the costs for the return transport to you.

Any obvious defects have to be notified in written form within two weeks after delivery.

Defective products have to be held ready for inspection by a Le Son associate.

When committing transgression of preceding obligations, any assertion on claim for warranty will be excluded.

Any claim on warranty for second-hand products is excluded.

8. Limitation of Liability for Customers

Le Son website ( and Le Son exclude liability for damage caused by negligence, from where these are not contractual obligations, damages resulting from injury to life, body or health or guarantees, or claims under the Product Liability Act.

The same applies to breaches of the agents of Le Son website ( and Le Son.

If any obligations deriving from the sales contract are violated, liability in case of slight negligence is limited to damages which are typically associated with the contract and can be foreseen.