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    High output, high performance, high longevity
    Le Son SL1 MC Cartridge



    The SL1 features a nude hyper-elliptical stylus.

    The hyper-elliptical stylus is the first member of the “line contact” family, and provides a wider contact surface with the record grooves than conical or elliptical shapes:

    DL 103 COnical vs Hyper Elliptical Stylus

    The benefits of upgrading a conical or elliptical stylus with a hyper-elliptical one:


    • The high frequency response is clearly improved, resulting in better sound liveness
    • The stylus lifespan is significantly increased
    • The groove wear while playing your records is reduced


    Hyper Elliptical Stylus Le Son SL1 MC Cartridge

    The cantilever of the SL1 is made of titanium alloy.

    ­Titanium is the ideal balance between aluminium and ceramics, and offers the following benefits:


    • Excellent transients pickup from the record grooves, allowing you to hear details never heard before


    • Outstanding solidity, allowing needle drops by hand without risking damage



    Le Son SL1 MC Cartridge for Technics 1200

    The body of the SL1 is machined from a block of ebony wood, and sanded by hand.


    As for many music instruments, a wooden cartridge body produces more natural harmonics, and therefore helps create a warm and organic sound.


    Ebony was chosen for its subtle benefits on the cartridge sound, as it removes high frequencies harshness, while providing deep and tight bass response.


    Compliance & Weight

    The SL1 MC Cartridge compliance and weight match very well the 12g effective mass of the Technics SL-1200 tonearm.

    Please refer to the reference Cartridge Resonance Evaluator hosted at vinylengine.com for more information.


    The SL1 MC Cartridge height is 17mm, and the perfect Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) is attained when the Technics SL-1200 tonearm height is set at about 0.

    Body Design

    The wood body shape allows all alignments methods with the Technics SL-1200 headshell, including Baerwald. 

    The SL1 is easily installed via 2 bolts – no nuts required.



    • Cartridge Type: Moving Coil
    • Stylus: Nude Diamond, Hyper-Elliptical Shape
    • Cantilever: Titanium Alloy Tube
    • Coil: 5N Copper Square Coil
    • Weight: 6.2 grams


    • Output Voltage: 1.9mV at 5cm/s
    • Frequency Response: 15 – 35,000Hz
    • Channel Separation: Better than 25dB at 1kHz
    • Channel Balance: Better than 0.5dB


    • Dynamic Compliance: 15μm/Dyne at 10Hz


    • Recommended Loading: 47 kOhms (MM preamplifier)
    • Recommended Vertical Tracking Force (VTF): 2.0 – 3.0 grams
    • Reference Vertical Tracking Force (VTF): 2.5 grams
    • Recommended Tone Arm Mass: Medium
    • Break-in Period: 30 hours


    • 1 x Stylus Brush
    • 2 x Short Mounting Screws & Washers
    • 2 x Long Mounting Screws & Washers


    The purchase of the SL1 cartridge includes an online support to ensure the perfect integration of your new cartridge in your system.

    Le Son Customer Support for the LS10 cartridge includes:


      • Installation and alignment of the cartridge on your headshell
      • Research and guidance to setup optimum VTF, VTA, and Antiskating on your tonearm


    We are conscious how difficult it is to choose a high quality phono cartridge, often only relying on reviews to make your decision.

    This is why we provide a 60 days return policy so you have plenty of time to listen and decide if the cartridge fits well in your system.


    • With which turntables or tonearms can I use the SL1 MC Cartridge?
    • Is there a warranty for the SL1 MC Cartridge?
    • Can the SL1 MC Cartridge be retipped?
    With which turntables or tonearms can I use the SL1 MC Cartridge?

    On any turntable, the cartridge/tonearm combination will exhibit resonance at a specific frequency. This resonance is due to the interaction of the cartridge (acting as a spring), and the weight of the tonearm (acting as a mass). The “springiness” of the phono cartridge is described as compliance, and the weight of the arm is specified as mass. The goal in matching a specific cartridge and tonearm is to have this resonant frequency to be between 8Hz and 11Hz.

    The SL1 MC Cartridge compliance is 15μm/mN, which will match perfectly medium mass tonearms. Most turntables out there have a medium mass tonearm. If you have a doubt, feel free to contact us, we will check for you.

    Is there a warranty for the SL1 MC Cartridge?

    Yes, the warranty for the SL1 MC Cartridge is 2 years, and starts at reception of the package.

    The detailed warranty conditions are stated in our General Terms & Conditions.

    Can the SL1 MC Cartridge be retipped?

    Yes, the SL1 MC Cartridge can be retipped at a very advantageous price.

    Stylus & cantilever manufacturers update their prices yearly, so when a retipping is necessary, please contact us and we will provide you with all the information.

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