Silver RCA Cable

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    Pure Silver RCA Cable

    Pure Silver RCA Cable

    Discover the ultimate connection for your audio equipment with this tested and approved RCA interconnect cable.

    Engineered for audiophiles, this pure silver RCA cable guarantees to enhance the connection between your audio elements without breaking the bank.

    Manufactured by Xangsane, it boasts low capacitance, superior insulation shielding, and top-quality connectors, ensuring a pristine audio signal for your home stereo setup.

    Pure Silver for Pure Sound

    4N Silver RCA Cable

    At the heart of this audio cable are two solid silver strands, each made of 25 conductors, ensuring the clearest audio signal.

    Advanced Shielding Design

    Pure Silver RCA Cable

    To protect your audio signal from interference, the silver RCA cable includes two layers of shielding:

    1. An aluminum foil layer and cotton filling against electronic noise.

    2. A braided silver-coated copper shield for the ultimate defense against interference.

    Silver RCA Cable Shield

    Silver RCA Cable Connectors

    Silver RCA Cable Connectors

    Each RCA connector is made from gold-plated pure copper, ensuring a durable and high-quality connection.

    Silver RCA Cable Plug Connector


    Capacitance: 72 pF/m

    DC Resistance: 0.03 Ω/m

    Inductance: 0.38 µH/m

    Available Lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 5m.