Best Stereo System in the World – Ken Fritz Documentary Film

June 11th, 2021 by Gregory de Richemont

“One Man’s Dream” is a beautiful documentary about Ken Fritz, a driven audiophile who dreamed to, and did build “the best stereo system in the world.”
Since he was a teenager, Mr. Fritz knew that music and sound were his greatest passions. In high-school, he was already building his own advanced speakers, and, as an adult, he turned his passion into a successful business that helped him fund his dream.
Mr. Fritz’s stereo system is entirely made by himself, pure DIY. The amount of work is phenomenal. As an example, he wrote an article called “5,400 hours of Fun”, where he explains how he built his nine-foot-tall loudspeakers, which technologies he used, and the rationale behind.
Besides the speakers and the 35KWatts to power them, his turntable is equipped with 3 tonearms and weights 1,500 pounds. To achieve pristine acoustics, Mr. Fritz designed a 17-foot-ceiling that mirrors a concert hall in Osaka, Japan.
It took him 27 years to accomplish his dream, and today his creation is regarded as the best sound system in the world by both professionals and fellow audiophiles.
A truly inspiring story!

Ken Fritz listening to the Best Stereo System in the World

“So many dreams to fulfill,
so many things to live long enough to follow-through on.
It’s better than just sit in front of TV
drinking beer and eating chips all day long,
watching football and baseball and basketball.
I shouldn’t say that,
because there are people who love to do that,
it’s just not my cup of tea.”


∼ Ken Fritz

“Now that I have reached the destination,
the music is going to tell me every time I put it on,
you didn’t waste your time and money.
You spent your time and money wisely, so enjoy it,
and I will”
∼ Ken Fritz

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