Shanghai China Audio Show 2022 Report

November 24th, 2022 by Gregory de Richemont
Due to the country’s zero-covid policy, China audio shows were inexistant in 2021, and very scarce in 2022


Luckily enough, the 29th edition of the Shanghai International Top Audio Show finally took place from October 28th to 30th


This year, 2 changes are to notice:
  • The name of the show changed from Shanghai International Audio-Video Show (SIAV) to Shanghai International Top Audio-visual Show (TAS)
  • The location changed to the Shanghai International Convention Center

The Shanghai International Convention Center was built in 1999, and is located in Lujiazui Financial District, in Pudong New Area


The building is adjacent to Shanghai’s skyline of spectacular skyscrapers, including Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center


Visitors can also have a panoramic view of the Bund of Shanghai right across the Huangpu River

Shanghai International Convention Center

This year I went to the show casually, and was spotted by the organizers taking a close look at the front panel of a Swiss made phono preamplifier

China Audio Show

So without further ado, here are pictures of 7 remarkable rooms at one of the rare China audio shows alive in 2022:

1. ESD Acoustic

ESD Acoustic is the Chinese brand of all superlatives, and claim to have brought the end to the monopoly of foreign brand in China’s Hi-end audio market
They display here their impressive Super Dragon system, which embed all their cutting-edge technologies including giant carbon fiber horns, Truextent beryllium tweeter diaphragms, titanium sandwich bass diaphragms, and five-way analog active crossovers
Visually very impressive, this system will also challenge your cable management skills!

CD Transport - ESD Acoustic
China Audio Show - ESD Acoustic Super Dragon

2. Avantgarde Acoustic

Avantgarde Trio G3 & Audio Research electronics

The distributor of Avantgarde Acoustic and Audio Research assembled a “simple” system this year
The Avantgrade Trio G3 iTRON (active version) are driven by the Reference 6SE Line-Stage preamplifier
The source is also signed Audio Research, with a CD6SE Transport feeding a DAC 9 Tube DAC
Stands are from Audio Bastion

Avantgarde Trio G3 iTRON version
Audio Research China

3. Acapella Audio Arts

China Audio Show - Acapella System

To continue with horn speakers and big rooms, here is the Acapella Audio Arts system
The speakers are the massive Apollon models, each featuring an ion tweeter, hyperspherical 780 broadband horn, four 10-inch woofers at the front and two subwoofers in the cabinet
The source is the flagship SACD transport from Esoteric: the Grandioso P1X and its separate power supply unit
The preamplifier is the 077 from Burmester, this model was released in 2007 for the 30th anniversary of their iconic 777 preamplifier

Acapella Apollon Horn Speaker
Esoteric P1X and Burmester 077

4. Stenheim

China Audio Show - Stenheim Room

The Swiss speaker manufacturer Stenheim showcases here its Reference Ultime Two models, which are a full d’Appolito design, with an original off-set symmetrical driver layout
The source at work is the Origin Live Sovereign turntable with the Enterprise-C tonearm and a van den Hul Grand Cru MC cartridge
The phono stage is the HSE Audio Phono Preamp Masterline 7, another swiss Swiss made product
All other amplification is taken care of by Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) electronics, whith some units kept open to show their outstanding components

Origin Live Sovereing TT with van den Hul Grand Cru MC cartridge
HSE Audio Phono Preamp Masterline 7

BAT Rex 500 Power Amplifier

5. Blumenhofer Acoustics

China Audio Show - Blumenhofer Acoustic

Another interesting component association in this room:
The turntable is a Dr. Feickert Analogue Firebird, with a Sorane SA 1.2 Tonearm and the Einstein The Pickup mounted
Below the turntable, the rare Dr. Feickert Analogue Vero phono preamplifier is feeding the Einstein tube preamplifier
Surprisingly for a system of this class, an integrated amplifier instead of a dedicated power amplifier is in use: the Engstrom Arne MKII tube amplifier with its 300B push-pull design
The German speaker manufacturer Blumenfofer Acoustics is represented by its Genuin FS 1 MK 3 models, featuring a 380mm woofer and a 75mm titanium compression driver
A side note to the importer here: please next time take care of this carpet, it gives a sloppy feel to this otherwise beautiful room

Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 1 MK 3

Engstrom Arne Mk2 integrated amplifier

6. Spendor

China Hi-Fi Show

The next room displays the complete Dartzeel product range!
A majestic pair of Spendor Classic 200 Ti (their flagship model) is driven by Dartzeel NHB-468 monoblocks, delivering 460 watts
This is a lot of power available for the Dartzeel NHB-18NS preamplifier!
The source here is digital: an Aurender W20SE Special Edition music server, associated with as Lampizator Horizon tube DAC
Those stands are the Symphony model, made by an Australian company called SGR Audio

Lampizator Horizon tube DAC

Dartzeel monoblock amplifier
Spendor Classic 200 Ti

7. Von Schweikert Audio

China Audio Show - Von Schweikert Audio Speakers

In the last room of this report, the setup is again fully analog
A Kronos Sparta is playing a record, with its Helena tonearm and a My Sonic Lab Hyper Eminent EX moving coil cartridge mounted
All the electronics are signed Soulution: 550 phono preamplifier, the flagship 725 preamplifier, driving 701 monoblocs delivering 1200 watts to the 4 ohms impedance speakers
With 92dB sensitivity, the Ultra 9 speakers from Von Schweikert Audio may not need that much power to work properly, but it looks good…

China Hi-End Show

Kronos Sparta turntable
China HiFi Show


China Audio Shows are back, and this is great news!
The Shanghai Top Audio Show (TAS) 2022 was a popular opus, attracting thousands of audiophiles to its new location
Hats off to the organization team, who put together a beautiful event in spite of all difficulties and uncertainties linked to the zero-covid policy
See you at the 2023 show!

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