Shanghai HiFi Show 2023 – Celebrating their 30th Anniversary

October 20th, 2023 by Gregory de Richemont

Shanghai HiFi Show 2023: Introduction

This year marks a special milestone for the Shanghai Hifi Show, as it proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary. In this remarkable edition, the organizers hosted both overseas visitors and local guests with great pomp and grandeur.

When comparing this year to the previous one, three significant observations come to light:

1. The number of overseas visitors has shown a remarkable increase, reflecting the relaxation of the zero-covid policy.

2. The participation of renowned brand names in the event is steadily on the rise.

3. The overall quality of the exhibition has noticeably improved, particularly since last year when the venue was introduced for the first time.

Formerly known as the Shanghai International Audio-Video Show (SIAV), the event has been rebranded as the Shanghai International Top Audio-visual Show (TAS) since 2022. This remarkable exhibition unfolded from the 13th to the 15th of October in 2023.

Shanghai HiFi Show 2023

About the venue: The Shanghai International Convention Center was built in 1999, and is located in Lujiazui Financial District, in Pudong New Area.

The building is adjacent to Shanghai’s skyline of spectacular skyscrapers, including Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center.

Visitors can also have a panoramic view of the Bund of Shanghai right across the Huangpu River.

Shanghai International Convention Center

The opening ceremony was energetically presided over by a renowned DJ and included speeches from notable personalities.

It featured a live musical and dance performance that culminated in a grand finale with distinguished guests on stage.

Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2023 Opening Ceremony

In addition to the prominent figures in the high end hi-fi industry, the international audio show attracted a diverse array of exhibitors catering to the discerning tastes of music enthusiasts.

Notably, the event showcased a significant representation of headphones and home cinema sections from across the globe. Yet, for the purposes of this show report, our focus will be exclusively on the world of high-end stereo gear.

Without any delay, let’s dive into the highlights of this event, featuring height remarkable rooms that caught my attention:

Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2023: Highlight Report

1. ESD Acoustic

ESD Acoustic is the Chinese brand of all superlatives. Its founder claims he ended the monopoly of foreign brands in the high-end hifi market in China.

The premium brand welcomes you here with their flagship Super Dragon ensemble. It embeds all their cutting-edge technologies: giant carbon fiber horns, Truextent beryllium tweeter diaphragms, titanium sandwich bass diaphragms, and five-way analog active crossovers.

Visually very impressive, this system will also challenge your cable management skills!

2. Zellaton

Zellaton Stage - Shanghai Hifi Show 2023

This year, the distributor of the esteemed German speaker brand, Zellaton, received a special visit from none other than the company’s President, Michael Schwab, to assist in setting up their exhibition room.

Within this meticulously arranged room, the star attractions are undoubtedly the Zellaton Stage Series speakers, powered by the exceptional M10 Stereo Power Amplifier from CH Precision. The amplifier, positioned on the left, is complemented by its dedicated power supply unit on the right. Notably, perched on top of this sonic powerhouse is the L10 Dual Monaural Twin-Chassis Line Preamplifier, accompanied by its separate power supply.

As for the source components, they proudly bear the Nagra name. This includes a CDC transport, although it’s worth noting that this model has been discontinued, alongside the cutting-edge HD DAC X.

3. Rockport Technologies

In this third room, the captivating notes of Albeniz’s Suite Espanola, skillfully orchestrated by Fruhbeck de Burgos, filled the air. The Decca UK pressing was spinning on a Kronos Discovery turntable. The rack and Phono Amplifier are also signed Kronos.

Kronos Complete Solution - Shanghai HiFi Show 2023

The room received a visit from none other than Josh Clark, the President of Rockport Technologies, who lent his expertise to ensure that the pair of Lyra speakers delivered their utmost performance.

Besides the analog source, all electronics are signed Soulution: the flagship 725 preamplifier, driving 701 monoblocs delivering 1200 watts to the 4 ohms impedance Lyra speakers.

Rockport Technologies Lyra - Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2023

4. Raidho Acoustics

Raidho TD6 Floor Standing Loudspeakers - Shanghai High End Audio Show 2023

In this room, Raidho Acoustics, the Danish speaker manufacturer, introduces its latest TD6 Floor Standing Loudspeaker models. Notably, these models come equipped with a diamond coating applied to all of their drivers, emphasizing their commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Raidho TD6 Diamond Coated Drivers - Shanghai High End Audio Show 2023

The audio source in use is the Transrotor Orion Reference FMD turntable, which is thoughtfully paired with a Koetsu Jade Platinum MC cartridge.

In terms of amplification, the room relies on Dan D’Agostino electronics which paired well with the giant speakers.

Transrotor Orion Reference FMD turntable - Shanghai-High End Audio Show 2023

5. Ocean Way Audio

Ocean Way Audio HRA Loudspeaker - Shanghai HiFi Show 2023

The room set up by the Avant Garde Hong Kong Distributor offered a harmonious blend of Japanese, American, and British audio equipment. At its core, the Ocean Wave Audio HRA Large High Fidelity Loudspeakers took the stage, thoughtfully paired with a comprehensive suite of tube electronics from Audio Note. The Kondo G-700 Preamplifier drives the two Kondo Melius power amplifiers, each boasting a robust 32 Watts per channel, more than adequate to fuel the bi-amped 101dB sensitivity horn speakers.

The musical source takes the form of the Model 60 from SME, fitted with the new Series VA tonearm. This advanced iteration of the renowned Series V tonearm features a CNC machined polymer resin armtube, although the optional pink color may not be to everyone’s taste.

Mounted on the Series VA tonearm is the DS W2 optical cartridge, bearing the signature of DS Audio. It arrives complete with its dedicated phono preamplifier and an imposing power supply unit.

Audio Note Kondo G-700 Preamplifier - Shanghai High-End Audio Show 2023

6. Vivid Audio

Vivid Audio GIYA G1S - Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2023

In this room, I had the pleasure of meeting Colin Pratt, the Sales Director for Chord Electronics. He enthusiastically introduced the latest line of electronics crafted by this British company, featuring a design that seems right out of a spaceship or a sci-fi movie.

Chord DAVE DAC - Shanghai HiFi Show 2023

The sonic journey in this space begins with the DAVE DAC, which serves as the source of the new ULTIMA Reference system. This system comprises the ULTIMA PRE, which in turn powers two ULTIMA mono power amplifiers, each capable of delivering a commanding 780 Watts to drive the impressive Vivid Audio GIYA G1S loudspeakers. These speakers are a 4-way design, boasting 5 drivers and offering a sensitivity of 92 dB.

While I was present, the analog source was not in use, but it’s worth noting that they had a Clearaudio Reference Jubilee turntable equipped with a tangential tonearm and a Clearaudio Jubilee MC cartridge.

Chord ULTIMA Power Amplifier - Shanghai HiFi Show 2023


Elac VELA Bookshelf Speakers - Shanghai High End Audio Show 2023

In this room, the German brand ELAC took the spotlight, showcasing their VELA BS404.2 Bookshelf Speakers and their 4.Pi PLUS.2 Super Tweeters, which were unfortunately not wired.

The bookshelf speakers were powered by the Austrian company Musical Fidelity. The Nu-Vista PRE preamplifier takes the helm, commanding the Nu-Vista PAS power amplifier. The power supplies for both components are placed behind each speaker.

In the realm of digital sources, the tube Baltic-4 DAC bears the LampizatOr name. The network transport, a N20 model from Aurender, complements the setup.

The analog source is an Initial Line turntable from the Polish manufacturer J.Sikora.

J.Sikora Initial Line Turntable - Shanghai High End Audio Show 2023

8. EgglestonWorks

EgglestonWorks Savoy Signature SE - Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2023

The final room that drew my attention showcased the new EgglestonWorks Savoy Signature SE loudspeakers. The “SE” (Special Edition) designation was introduced to highlight EgglestonWorks’ innovative paint finishing system, enhancing the visual aesthetics of the speakers. These cosmetic enhancements were complemented by upgrades to crossover components, internal wiring, and binding posts.

With a sensitivity of just 87dB and an 8-ohm impedance, these 125 kg speakers demand a robust power source to reveal their sonic potential. They were paired with VTL electronics, specifically the TL7.5 Series III Reference Preamplifier, driving a pair of Siegfried Series II Reference Monoblocks. Each monoblock delivers a substantial 650 Watts in Tetrode mode and 330 Watts in Triode mode, ensuring an authoritative and dynamic performance.

The source components feature a Burmester 089 CD Player handling digital playback, while the analog side is represented by a Basis Audio 2200 turntable fitted with a Dynavector DV-20X2 Low Output MC cartridge. The phono stage in this setup was the TP-6.5 Series II Signature by VTL.

VTL TL7.5 Series III Reference Preamplifier - Shanghai High End Show 2023

Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2023: More Photos 

Seawave Acoustic Loudspeackers - Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2023

Seawave Acoustic loudspeakers, Allnic Audio tubes electronics. Korean brands.

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX - Shanghai High-End Audio Show 2023

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX loudspeakers, EMM Labs, Stromtank, and Jadis electronics.

Metaxas & Sins Tourbillon Tape Recorder - Shanghai Hi-End Audio Show 2023

Metaxas & Sins Tourbillon Tape Recorder.

Soulnote Audio electronics from Japan.

MBL 101 E MKII Omni-directional Loudspeakers - Shanghai HiFi Show 2023

A complete MBL system, featuring the 101 E MKII Omni-directional Loudspeakers.

Shanghai HiFi Show 2023: Conclusion

In this year’s edition, the Shanghai International Top AV Show (TAS) demonstrated its truly international character, which is certainly uplifting news.

The 30th-anniversary event was nothing short of thrilling and drew in thousands of enthusiastic audiophiles to its prominent venue.

A tip of the hat to the dedicated organization team, whose efforts culminated in a splendid exhibition for our collective enjoyment.

Looking forward to reconnecting at the 2024 show!

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