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    LS10 MKII



    With the LS10 MKII, you get access to the best of 2 worlds:
    the ultimate definition of the Moving Coil design,
    the fullness of the Moving Magnet design
    How is this possible?


    By taming the mysterious Eddy Current forces!
    Gregory de Richemont




    Eddy Currents Cancellation Phono Cartridge

    The LS10 MKII generator features our new Eddy Current Cancellation design

    This ECC system is a clear breakthrough we are very proud of

    Free from Eddy Current forces, the cartridge output is increased

    Other noticeable improvement, the sound is fuller than ever, with authoritative bass and extented harmonics


    Boron Nitride Cantilever

    What is Boron Nitride?

    Boron Nitride is a high-performance engineering ceramic with extreme hardness. Research showed that Boron Nitride (white color) is lighter than the Boron Carbide (black color) used in traditional high-end cartridges:

    Density  (g/cm3)
    Boron Carbide: 2.7

    Boron Nitride: 2.1

    This new generation material and the structural design of the LS10 MKII cantilever further reduce the cartridge moving mass, increase vibrations transmission accuracy and speed, leading to better transients and micro-details resolution

    The LS10 MKII cantilevers are made and polished in Japan


    Nude Shibata Stylus

    The LS10 MKII features a nude Shibata stylus, cut and polished in Japan

    A nude stylus reduces the moving mass of the cartridge, hence optimizes the transcription of music dynamics compared to bonded styli

    Invented by Mr. Shibata and patented to Victor Company of Japan (JVC) in 1973, the now famous Shibata stylus shape was originally developed to accurately track the high-frequency information on quadraphonic records (up to 45 kHz) without wearing them out


    For clarity, here is a direct comparison between an elliptical stylus and the Shibata:

    Point Contact vs Line Contact Stylus

    The contact area between the Shibata stylus and record grooves is optimum, providing 2 important benefits for the LS10 MKII cartridge:


      • The cartridge tracking ability is optimized, rendering all the music micro-details
      • With a vertical tracking force of only 1.6 gram applied on a large area in the record grooves, the LS10 MKII stylus lasts long and preserves your precious records


    Spending most of his time in his lab, Dr. Ted Tsai is a relentless researcher driven by his passion for high-fidelity
    Following the launch and success of the LS10 MC cartridge in 2018, he decided to tackle a complex problem of moving coil phono cartridges: the Eddy Current forces
    What are Eddy Current forces?
    Eddy Currents are electric currents circulating in conductors like eddies in the oceans

    Image: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio

    They are induced by changing magnetic fields, and flow in closed loops, perpendicular to the plane of the magnetic field
    Eddy Currents are created when a conductor is moving through a magnetic field, for example in a moving coil cartridge


    Why do we care about Eddy Current forces in phono cartridges?
    Like any current flowing through a conductor, an eddy current will produce its own magnetic field
    Lenz’s Law states that the magnetic field produced by eddy currents will oppose the change of magnetic field that created it
    Therefore, in a phono cartridge, eddy currents act as a magnetic force against the cantilever movements
    How to reduce Eddy Current forces in a moving coil cartridge?
    There are several ways to reduce Eddy Current forces in a moving coil cartridge, for example laminating the core, or using a nonconductive material for the cantilever
    Dr. Tsai went further and discovered a way to further neutralize Eddy Current forces
    He designed a new generator where Eddy Current forces are created in such a way they neutralize each other
    This new system involves a cross coil design and a copper ring
    It is called ECC (Eddy Current Cancellation) and is implemented for the first time in the LS10 MKII cartridge


    • Cartridge Type: Moving Coil (Stereo)
    • Body: Aluminium & Carbon Fiber Socket, Ebony Wood Casing
    • Stylus: Nude Diamond, Shibata Shape
    • Stylus Tip Radius: 6 x 75μm
    • Cantilever: Boron Nitride Ceramic Rod
    • Coils: 6N Copper
    • Weight: 7.8 grams


    • Output Voltage: 0.40mV at 3.54cm/s or 0.56mV at 5cm/s
    • Internal Impedance: 6 ohms
    • Frequency Response: 15 – 45,000 Hz
    • Channel Separation: Better than 30dB at 1kHz
    • Channel Balance: Better than 0.5dB


    • Tracking ability: 80μm at 315Hz with 2g Tracking Force
    • Dynamic Compliance: 12μm/mN


    • Recommended Loading: 75 ohms minimum
    • Recommended Vertical Tracking Force (VTF): 1.5 – 1.7 grams
    • Reference Vertical Tracking Force (VTF): 1.6 grams
    • Recommended Tone Arm Mass: Medium
    • Run-in Period: 25 hours


    • 1 x Stylus Brush
    • 1 x Hexagonal Screwdriver
    • 2 x Short Mounting Screws & Washers
    • 2 x Medium Mounting Screws & Washers
    • 2 x Long Mounting Screws & Washers



    Le Son LS10 MKII MC Cartridge

    The LS10 cartridge body is precisely pre-threaded, enabling an easy installation and alignment with just two bolts – no nuts required

    Furthermore, the straight sides of the body make it simple for you to align the cartridge on your turntable


    The purchase of an LS10 MKII cartridge includes an online support to ensure the perfect integration of your new cartridge in your system

    Le Son Customer Support includes:


      • Installation and alignment of the cartridge on your headshell
      • Research and guidance to setup optimum VTF, VTA, and Antiskating on your tonearm
      • Research and guidance to setup your phono preamplifier loading


    We are conscious how difficult it is to choose a high quality phono cartridge, often only relying on reviews to make your decision

    This is why we provide a 60 days money-back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to listen and decide if the cartridge fits well in your system

    The 60 days return policy is detailed in section 6 of our General Terms and Conditions


    • With which turntables or tonearms can I use the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge?
    • Is there a warranty for the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge?
    • What is the stylus lifespan of the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge?
    • Can the LS10 MKII Cartridge be retipped?
    • What is the recommended phono preamplifier gain for the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge?
    With which turntables or tonearms can I use the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge?

    On any turntable, the cartridge/tonearm combination will exhibit resonance at a specific frequency. This resonance is due to the interaction of the cartridge (acting as a spring), and the weight of the tonearm (acting as a mass). The “springiness” of the phono cartridge is described as compliance, and the weight of the arm is specified as mass. The goal in matching a specific cartridge and tonearm is to have this resonant frequency to be between 8Hz and 11Hz.

    The LS10 MKII MC Cartridge compliance is 12μm/mN, which will match perfectly medium mass tonearms. Most turntables out there have a medium mass tonearm. If you have a doubt, feel free to contact us, we will check for you.

    Is there a warranty for the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge?

    Yes, the warranty for the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge is 2 years, and starts at reception of the package.

    The detailed warranty conditions are stated in our General Terms & Conditions.

    What is the stylus lifespan of the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge?

    The LS10 features a nude Shibata stylus, the most famous member of the “line contact” styli family. Unlike cheaper stylus shapes (spherical, conical, elliptical), the vertical tracking force (VTF) is spread along a wider area, and therefore wears slower.

    In addition, the VTF of the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge is only 1.6g, so the pressure on both the record and the stylus is kept at minimum.

    The LS10 MKII MC Cartridge stylus lifespan ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 hours.

    In other words, the LS10 MKII stylus lifespan ranges from 3 to 4 years if you listen to records 2 hours every single day.

    Can the LS10 MKII Cartridge be retipped?

    Yes, the LS10 MKII Cartridge can be retipped at a very advantageous price.

    Japanese stylus & cantilever manufacturers update their prices yearly, so when a retipping is necessary, please contact us and we will provide you with all the information.

    What is the recommended phono preamplifier gain for the LS10 MKII MC Cartridge?

    To maintain the best signal to noise ratio, your phono preamplifier gain should complement the output of your phono cartridge.

    The LS10 MKII outputs 0.56mV at 5cm/s, and we therefore recommend to set the gain of your phono preamplifier from 56dB to 62dB.