LS10 Cartridge Launch – Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2020



LS10 Cartridge Launch – Shanghai Hi-Fi Show 2020

We are thrilled to announce the LS10 Cartridge Launch at the renowned Shanghai International Hi-Fi Show, which took place from October 23rd to 25th, 2020. This significant event attracted approximately 22,000 visitors. Le Son International’s showcase, featuring the LS10 MC Cartridge, was a focal point on the second floor of the Jingjiang Hotel.

The  Le Son LS10 MC cartridge was mounted on a custom Denon DP-3000 turntable with Brinkmann 12.1 inch tonearm. Our custom phono stage was feeding an ESTI preamplifier and a custom 300B SET power amp. The speakers were our own LS3/5 model, featuring Beryllium Copper tweeters and Coated Kevlar Drivers.

Additionally, enhancing the LS10 Cartridge Launch, we displayed two fully refurbished tape decks: the Revox B77 MKII High Speed and the Technics RS-1506, showcasing our dedication to both contemporary and classic audio technologies.

Launch LS10 MC Cartridge

Le Son LS10 MC Cartridge

Le Son International Showroom

Launch LS10 MC Cartridge

LS10 MC Cartridge

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our friends and visitors who joined us for the LS10 Cartridge Launch, a memorable weekend brimming with laughter and exquisite music. Your presence truly made it a remarkable event.

Our gratitude also goes out to the journalists who took a keen interest in the LS10 Cartridge Launch. Their significant contributions and coverage played a vital role in the success of this event. We are deeply appreciative of their support in highlighting the impact and innovation of the LS10 MC Cartridge.

In particular, we would like to thank the following visiting medias for their press releases:

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高保真音响Plus (High Fidelity Plus)

High Fidelity Plus

Hifi音响 (Hifi diy)

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Moving Coil Cartridges - Le Son LS10


The LS10 sets a new standard in cartridge design, being the first Low Output Cartridge encased in a full Ebony Body.

It boasts a Boron Nitride Cantilever and a precise Shibata Stylus, blending traditional aesthetics with modern acoustic excellence.


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